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ACE Update

Held & Associates Inc. has worked in ACE since it rolled out early in 2015. Our Import Department has filed customs entries though ACE since May 2015 and most recently (December 1st, 2015) our Export Department has started filing EEI, Electronic Export Information, via the ACE Portal. If Held & Associates is handling your freight we are filing via ACE your import customs entry or your export EEI on your behalf.

Licensed customs brokers, such as Held & Associates Inc., file over 95 percent of all customs entries on behalf of their importing clients. ACE will be the only automated system by which CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) will accept manifest, cargo release and entry summary data for imported goods, and it will also be the single window by which 47 other government agencies involved in the importing and exporting process will receive data about cargo. A number of these partner government agencies have authority to place holds on cargo, and they will exercise that authority in the cargo release process.

ACE will replace the current Customs operating system that has been in place since the mid-1980s. While we move into an environment where global trade is increasing, a reliable, efficient and predictable process at the point of importation is critical. We believe that ACE will answer those needs, and a reasonable adoption of the system will accomplish this.

The CBP has placed a Mandatory use of ACE October 1st, 2016. Below is an image showing the Mandatory use of ACE for all Electronic Entry and Entry Summary Filing.

Held & Associates Inc., will continue to keep our clients and trade community informed.

Rick Held